What is doMore?

doMore is a platform that promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, rewarding users' positive choices. With our platform, you can easily monitor your daily activities, set goals and earn points that can be exchanged for exclusive prizes.

By taking a holistic approach to personal and planetary well-being, doMore is committed to encouraging and supporting an active and aware community.

For users

Be active and
win prizes

Discover an active and sustainable lifestyle. Get rewarded for your actions and redeem points at your favorite stores.

Set goals and meet objectives together with the thousands of people who are part of our community.

For gyms

The complete solution for
Fitness professionals

Make more time for your customers. With doMore you will be able to do all the management on a single platform. Manage your billing, clients, your calendar, classes and assessments in a simple and organized way.

The best? For every workout, doMore rewards its client!

For businesses

Be part of a
greener world. Be our partner.

Increase your company's visibility by promoting your products and services on a platform developed for your audience. Get recognized for supporting and encouraging a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Take part in campaigns developed exclusively for you, increasing your visibility even further.

Waiting list

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the platform is available?

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By subscribing, you will also receive future updates and news about the app, including exciting new features and improvements.

We appreciate your support and look forward to offering you a great experience with our app!